Friday, June 27, 2008

Unselfish Wealth - Opt-in E-mail Marketing – Do You Know Your Options?

Getting together a list of interested prospects is the first step toward generating the sales you need, but even there you are faced with a decision. Will you build the list yourself or pay for one? Some people may be considering joining Try My System or buying leads from services like InfoUSA in their quest for sales contacts. However it is also worth exploring other marketing tactics such as what the Unselfish Wealth Team uses to find and approach prospective customers using the advantages of the online marketplace.

Blog Opportunities

A blog is a non-threatening means of sharing posts with a specific audience. By placing an opt-in box at the top or side of the page, people can sign up for whatever else you are offering. If they find your posts helpful and like your blog, your opt-in rate will be higher.

Lead Capture Pages

These are also called “splash pages” or “squeeze pages”, and their purpose is to sign people up so you can add their e-mail address to you opt-in list. This is a very useful technique for filtering out people who are not interested in the kind of product you offer, and those who opt-in are must more prone to buy when you contact them by e-mail later. Generally the benefits you are offering are presented first, with the opt in box at the bottom of the page.

Pop Up Boxes

Instead of a lead capture page that gives people no opt but to sign up or leave, some people prefer to direct visitors to a sales page that has a pop up box. This gives visitors a chance to find out more information before they decide to go ahead and give you their e-mail address.

Subscription Boxes

Instead of pop ups, some companies find it preferable to put a form on each page of their website, allowing multiple opportunities for people to join the e-mail list. The more informative your pages are, the most likely prospects are to provide their e-mail address so they can receive your newsletter or obtain other incentives you promote.

Building your own opt-in e-mail list allows you more control over how you get targeted prospects on your list and drive more traffic to a company like Travelencia. It also costs less than using a marketing service. After developing an opt-in list for e-mail marketing, business owners can determine how much of a further need they have for other types of in-depth marketing programs like Try My System. To build up an online business into something profitable, an entrepreneur must consider the costs and benefits of a range of marketing options. But the key to getting new and recurring sales is to acquire a solid list of targeted contacts, which for online marketing almost always comes from your opt-in list.

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sandra said...

Wonderful page! Bravo! I'm going to run off and make one tomorrow too. I can clearly see this is a fabulous tool for the people you enroll in Unselfish Wealth and Travelencia. I'm a member also. in fact look at my auto responding , promotion and lead capture system for Unselfish Wealth and Travelencia

I had so many leads and sign ups for the ISM by day 3 I was swamped!
You will LOVE IT